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Auto Puff Machine Using Manual


1.puff cereal machine Main Parameter

2.System Installation

3.Preparation Before Using

4.General Interface Description

5.Start Interface Specification

6.Manual Interface Specification

7.Auto Interface Specification

8.Systeam Parameter Specification

9.Example of Automatic Operation



12.Common Faults and Troubleshooting

13.Puffing Parameters

14.Machine Spare Parts Name List

1.puffing cereal machine Main Parameter

  1.1 Voltgae :380V 50HZ

  1.2 Electric power: 1.9kw

  1.3 Air Compressor(MPA):1.0-1.3

1.4Gas Pressure 6-8KPA

1.5 Gas Consumption:Natural Gas 2~3m2/h,Liquied Gas 1.5kg/h

1.6 Product Rate :30-40KG/H

1.7 Ambient Temperature:-10~55

1.8 Ambient Humidity:10%~80%R·H(Non Condensing)

2.System Installation

 Electric Control Cabinet should installed at place of aeration and humidity lower than 60 degree,avoid the machine shock,and in place of sunshain and frog ,dust enveriment.this can help to enlarge the machine life time and using condition.

 The electric cabinet is grounded reliably,make sure the electric power is 3 phase 4 line 380V AV electric power.

 All cables correspond to the sign on the sign, and the power is connected when confirmed. The operator shall be placed in a position which is convenient for observation and operation.

3.Preparation Before Using

 3.1 Is the emergency button  is reliable, if not reliable, please check

    the electric circuit.

 3.2 check is the material enough in the material tank.

 3.3check the air press NO big than 1.0MPA or not.

 3.4 . Check is all button ok in Manual Interface ,if unnormal please

     check electric circuit and air pressure.rotate direction if not right

      please change the 2 wire connection of 3 phase wire,check is the

      screw or connent place tighten enough.

 3.5 check is the parameter date right or not in the main interface.

 3.6 Each batch shall add proper amount of high temperature grease to

the boiler body and tail shaft, and each batch shall add proper

amount of oil to the cover shaft.

 4.General Interface Description

4.1 Start:

   when tank not full you can press this button to let machine


4.2 Alarm:

   when pressure in machine have problem or machine in

   unnormal condition,it will call alarm.

4.3 Power :

   when press this button machine will be connect with Electric.

4.4 Auto Cycle Work Start Button:

   machine cover will lock auto,press this button the machine will

   auto in working cycle.  

4.5 Emergency: press this button machine can stop immediate.

4.6 Frequency control speed for pot:

   Adjust the pot on machine roate speed.

5.Start Interface Specification

5.1 AUTO:press it will enter into Auto Interface .

5.2 MANUAL:press it will enter into manual interface.

5.3 NOTE:press it you can see the notice items when using machine.

6.Manual Interface Specification

 6.1.1 Hopper Feeding Start/Stop:

   Press this button by manual continuing,the Screw feeding motor

   will start,press this button again the motor will stop or Or wait

   for automatic delay to stop.

6.1.2 Fill cereal into puffing machine tank Start/Stop:

   Press this button by manual continuing,the feeding motor

   will start,and material into tank ,press this button again the

   motor will stop or wait for automatic delay to stop.

6.1.3 Open Cover Air Cylinder Start/Back:

   In manual condition press this button the Open cover air

   cylinder out,cover open,when press the button again the Open

   cover air cylinder back.

6.1.4 Pot rotate Start/Stop:

   In manual condition press this button the Rotate pot motor start, when press the button again ,the pot will rotate to right position and Stop there.

6.1.5 Pot Shock Absorption Start/Stop:

 In manual condition press this button,pot Locating cylinder will

 Location the pot,Press again the left and right side of Locating  

 cylinder will reset/back.

6.1.6 Receiving cereals cylinder over:

  In manual condition press this button,Receiving hopper will move  

  To discharger pot,press again the Receiving hopper reset/back.

6.1.7 SP/PV: SP is inner pressure NO,PV is set press No when open

   The Cover.

6.1.8 Pot Rotate press to stop:

 In manual condition,keep press this button the pot will roate

 When not touch the button the pot will stop.

6.1.9 Pot Cover Shock Absorption Close:

  In manual condition,when press this button the Pot cover shock

  absorber will slide backward ,do prepare job for open the

  cover,press again the Pot cover shock absorber back.

6.1.10 Pot in rotate to Feeding position:

  In manual condition,when press this button the pot will turn up.

6.1.11 Pot in Rotate Working Position:

  In manual condition,pot will be at Feeding position or discharge

  Position.pree it pot will rotate to Horizontal working position.

6.1.12 Pot in rotate to discharge position:

In manual condition,when press this button the pot will turn down.

6.1.13 Back:back to page of General Interface.

6.1.14 Systeam Parameter :set all parameter in Systeam Parameter,the

detail can read at page of Systeam Parameter Specification.


Manual Function buttons shoule be frist change into “maunal

“ Interface then can using,when in auto model please remrember not

 change and remrember all Sequence of actions.