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Potato chips machine

The photo chips processing line with low invest ,low cost full function ,easy using and maintence,it is widly using by customer and warmly welcomed.

1.Processing way:

  cleaning and peel—cutting—poaching—color protection—blanching—dehydration—fry--deoiling—flavor —packing

2.Character and peel: inner is emery can finsih the cleaning and peeling step at same time.

  2.cutting into pcs and block: can cut sheet and block too,cuting thickness 1—6mm,cutting block  cut face size is 3×3—6×6mm special size can order.

  3.dehydration: it can short the frying time,improve the flavor of chip .

  4.fry: the most develpment system,becasue of water and oil differ,the water  will be under oil,the oil fry the chip and at the top ,when frying the sediment will go to the bottom automaticly,and wothout black enlong the oil using time,save cost,the oil temperture of oil is in right control that is about 5 degree,thus enough the chip quality.

  5.deoilingthis machine add the electric heating way,with high effective,in winter or summer it can working normal,overcome the chip with high oil content,this is merit than big machine who did not have this function.

  6.automatic flavor machines/s material ,flavor average.

3.Others date:

Workshop size : 50m2

Workman : 3—5

Power: 220V /380V

Capacity: 80—100kg  type  and 200kg type

This line have differ capacity such as 50KG/H or 150KG/H and so on, we can also design as need.